3 Wonderful Winter Cocktails

Winter cocktails are real “fruits” of our fantasy. The ingredients, incompatible at first sight, create a majestic harmony and subtle unique taste. The main secret in making cocktails is the right proportion of all components.

Cocktail with champagne


  • Champagne, 70 ml
  • Muscat wine, 50 ml
  • Ice cubes
  • Grapes, 4-5


Put ice cubes into a glass. Pour white muscat and champagne. Garnish with grapes and serve without shaking.

Cocktail “Coquette”


  • Pink wine, 50 ml
  • Orange juice, 15 ml
  • Lemon juice, 15 ml


Pour lemon and orange juice into a glass and mix with a spoon. Then add cooled pink whine and serve.

Cocktail “High Society”


  • Brandy de Jerez, 30 ml
  • White rum, 30 ml
  • White wine, 35 ml
  • Orange juice, 60 ml


Pour brandy, white rum, orange juice and white wine into a cocktail glass. Mix the ingredients with a straw and serve.



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