8 Secrets of Delicious Pancakes

These 8 Secrets of Delicious Pancakes will be useful for you if you are mastering your cooking skills and want to learn how to fry spotlessly.

1.To get puffy pancakes, you need to sieve flour before making dough.

2. Yeast-leavened dough shouldn’t stay for too long before baking, otherwise pancakes won’t be spongy and will look pale.

3. The colour of pancakes depends on the amount of sugar in dough. If you want your pancakes to look golden, don’t let the dough turn too sour. You may improve the situation by adding more sugar straight before baking.

4. You shouldn’t whisk dough too much, otherwise pancakes won’t be puffy.

5. Start making the first pancake only when frying pan has been preheated well enough.

6. It’s more convenient to oil frying pan by using a half of oiled potato, fixed on the fork.

7. Ignite frying pan with salt before baking.

8. If a pancake doesn’t get baked through, but the edges are raising up,- you need to add some more flour to the dough.

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