Aubergine Rolls

These aubegine rolls have such a wonderful flavour that your family will love them even without tasting them. Imagine, what their reaction will be when they make just a bite 🙂


  • aubergine slices, 3
  • cream cheese, 60 g
  • garlic, 5 g
  • dill, 3 g
  • spring onion, 3 g
  • tomato, 30 g
  • salt, to taste
  • cream, to taste


Press garlic. Combine it with cream cheese. Chop greens and add them to cheese. Mix everything well. If the stuffing is too thick, add a little cream.

Slice aubergine longwise, salt the slices and put them aside for 10 minutes. Fry slices till they get golden colour.

Lay out the filling onto the slices. Cut tomato into stripes and cut onion into large pieces.

Lay out tomato and onion pieces onto the filling too and make rolls.

P.S. Increase the amount of ingredients if you need bigger portions.

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