Choosing Cookware

A good casserole is a good lunch“, says the French proverb. And there’s nothing to object.

Aluminium pans

Aluminium pans relatively recently were the most common. They are relatively cheap, lightweight and quite durable. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat, so the water boils in this pan faster than in enamelled, we say. But dishes with too thin walls is easily deformed, so thick-walled aluminum pans are preferable.

Aluminum Pans

In aluminum cookware you can boil milk without fear that it will burn. However, the hot milk should immediately be poured into clean sterilized glass or ceramic container. Aluminum pots are even good for boiling water, cooking potatoes and vegetables (not sour!), and for cooking porridges.

Now the drawbacks. Aluminum is a soft metal, it easily scrapes from the sides of the dish. (However, combines with oxygen, aluminum forms aluminium oxide, Al2O3 is chemically inert substance, the bulk of ordinary absolutely harmless clay.) Food easily stick to the bottom of aluminium cookware and washed out with difficulty: do not scrape the aluminum with a steel wool or a brush, the more with a grit sandpaper, like some hostess do.

But aluminum cookware is indispensable for boiling milk (not for storage!), cooking a delicious thick milk (including for the authentic Bulgarian and Greek yogurt). And for this purpose it is necessary to allocate a separate pan and a not use for anything else. In order that the milk does not burn, before pouring milk it is necessary to rinse the pan with cold water.

Aluminium doesn’t like contact with acids and alkalis. But cabbage soup, kissel or meat in sweet and sour sauce are such reagents, and milk has alkaline reaction.  As a result, from the walls of the pots in our meals are transferred compounds, not provided for in culinary recipes, though harmless, but slightly alters the taste of the dish.

Eggs, dairy products, marinades, containing sulfur, calcium, leave on aluminum cookware ugly dark spots. Even if you’re willing to live with dark spots on the inner walls of the pans do not store cooked food in aluminum cookware. It is not suitable for cooking dietary meals, baby food (excluding milk and milk cereals).

All the above applies to aluminum pans, because they are the most uncomfortable for frying. Although you can fry potatoes, stew or fry vegetables in it, but mixing them with a fork or a knife not worth it, again due to excessive soft metal. So there is no place for an aluminum pan in the kitchen.

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