Cooked Beet

Beet has high nutritional benefits and at the same time it’s too low in calories. It’s known as body fuel to reinforcing energy through your body. Beet facilitates digestive system and is an important factor in calcium absorbtion. My family doctor suggests taking calcium supplements along with cooked beet.

Besides, I still believe that beet is the most delicious and tempting when it is ruby red and sweet.

Cooked Beet 2 Cooked Beet 3


  • Beet 4 lb
  • Brown sugar 5 tbls
  • Water,  as needed based on the method of cooking


  1. Wash and clean the beet, don’t trim, any cut make a window to let colour and sweetness escape out of the beet.
  2. Place the beets in the pot (It’s better to use a presser cooker, beet is a kind of food that takes long to cook).
  3. Add water, sprinkle the sugar on top and cook.
  4. At the end of the cooking proccess, there has to be as little water as a cup or less.
  5. Serve beet hot or cold, simply take one or two cooked beets, remove the skin (when beet is cooked the peel comes off easily like cooked potato).
  6. Place onto serving plate, cut into thick slices, spoon a little of the thickened syrup on top and enjoy.

You also can store the cooked beet in the fridge for up to two weeks. Just separate the juice and keep it in a different container. Any time at serving cold or hot, just spoon some juice over and make it fresh. It goes well with salads, makes a good snack for day long.

Cooked Beet 5 Cooked Beet 6

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