Cooking for beginners

This section is a unique tutorial on culinary art for beginners

To make the cooking process easier each page precedes the article which provides definitions of unfamiliar culinary concepts, a brief description of a particular type of food and the secrets of experienced cooks of its preparation.

The recipes themselves within each section are positioned with increasing complexity.

This section provides summary table rules, list of required kitchen tools, and basic hygiene requirements.

Everyone needs to know the art of cooking or culinary arts:

  • a person entering a new stage of his life — an independent or family life;
  • children who have decided to please their parents or to give them a splendid surprise, for example, help with a party meal preparation or prepare the parents a breakfast in a day off, or just decided to help their mom.

Inability to cook creates various household and everyday problems. In childhood this seems small and insignificant, but later imperceptibly transforms into a source of annoyance, begins to interfere with normal life.


To begin, let’s find out what is inside a recipe that we use as a cheat sheet when cooking dishes.

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