Crockpot Chicken

Nowadays, many people like crockpot cooking and they never stop hunting new different crockpot chicken recipes. However, have you tried something different with the crockpot recently? If you run out the idea, check this out and probably you can try this new crockpot chicken recipe at your home tonight for dinner.

There are four ingredients that you have to prepare in advance:

  • Chicken breast (Make sure there are no bones any more).
  • Barbeque sauce (In this case, you have a lot of option. You can pick the most favorite one).
  • Sweet onion. It would be better if you buy the sliced one
  • Hamburger bun. You can have 46. (It is up to numbers of people who want to serve this crockpot chicken).


Now, the first step is that you have to remove fat in the chicken. Visible fat should be removed before you toss the chicken into the crock pot.

Next, you can put the sliced onion on the top of the chicken. The next step is pouring your favorite barbeque sauce. You dont have to use entire jar of the sauce to cover chicken.

If you have done it, you can start cooking. Setting in low is suggested. In this case, you need to wait till the chicken is tender. Possibly, it may take several hours.

When it is done, take the chicken and shred it using knife and fork. Then, you need scoop to add mixture into the bottom of the buns. Cover the top using the top buns. Then, the food is ready to be served.

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