Dark Chocolate Bark

I offer you a cool recipe of dark chocolate bark! It’s really a great dessert and there are many chances you’ll love it!

I really like dark chocolate. I know some people don’t, but I do. The problem can be the sugar content. It can be too sweet, or not sweet enough. I prefer mine just a little less sweet than many. So I used half dark chocolate what was already sweetened, and half that was not.  Both had high cocoa contents. The sweetened one was 70% cocoa, and the unsweetened one was a whopping 99% cocoa. Yum!

Dark chocolate, granola, pistachios, light raisins, and dried cranberries. How can you go wrong with a combination like that?

So, the ingredients:

  • 250 g of dark chocolate
  • a cup of granola
  • a cup of pistachios
  • a cup of light raisins
  • a cup of dried cranberries


Step 1, get your ingredients ready. I placed my dry ingredients in a large bowl, but reserved some of each to sprinkle on top of the mixture at the end.

dark chocolate bark 1

dark chocolate bark 2

 Next, mix dry ingredients into the chocolate.

dark chocolate bark 3

Now pour the mixture onto a sheet of baking or parchment paper, spread it out, and sprinkle the reserved dry ingredients on top.

dark chocolate bark 4

Allow to cool for a couple of hours in before breaking into pieces.


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