Easy French Fries

For years French Fries has been in my cooking menu at least once a week, my husband and sons love it a lot. Since the dish is time consuming and also requires too much oil I was always looking for a solution. I’ve tried different ways on pre-made frozen fries or oven cooked home fries….. None of them worked for me, finally I ended up with this wonderful recipe.

Cooking French Fries this way you’ll be pleasantly surprised: fries don’t mash or absorb oil. They get golden and crispy outside, cooked and soft inside. It seems like magic to me!!


  • 10 large Potatoes
  • One tbls salt
  • Oil a little


Scrub and wash potatoes skin nice and clean, cut into thick sticks or wedges. Again wash to remove the starch on it. Sprinkle a littel salt, set aside, let the extra water get off. Drain the water, pat dry.

Lay a tea cloth on the microwave tray. Spread potato sticks on. Microwave for exactly ten minutes (no more no less). In the middle, after 5 minutes open the door once and let steam get out. When time is out take the tray out of the microwave.

Easy French Fries

In a heavy pan pour oil (cover the bottom of the pan with oil for about 1/2 inch or one centimeter height). Sprinkle salt, heat the oil on medium-high heat, until it is hot and ready (to check if the oil is ready, drown a piece of potatoe in it, it should sizzle up).

Easy French Fries

Place the fries in the oil, occasionally turn and fold in the sticks (don’t stir). It takes 20 minutes or so to become golden and nice all around.

Easy French Fries

Remove from oil and serve. Enjoy!

Easy French Fries

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