Finger Lime Poinsettia Cocktail

I have a weakness for finger limes. Have you ever tried one? They are only available for a short time every year. They look like caviar when you cut them open, but they taste like a lime.

But what to do with them? They not only taste like limes, but they have another flavor as well, and it is difficult to describe. The best I could to is to tell you to think about how Murphys Oil Soap smells. The limes have slight taste of that wood oil smell. No, not soap flavor, but that aromatic oil. Make sense? Probably not until you taste one for yourself. But trust me, its wonderful.

finger lime poinsettia cocktail 1

Ingredients you need:

  • a glass of your favourite champagne
  • some cranberry juice (to your taste)
  • finger lime pearls

So, the holidays are here and that means champagne! But some champagnes are a bit strong tasting for me. So sometimes I fall back to a Poinsettia. Its just a glass of champagne with a splash of cranberry juice. The juice tones down the acidic flavor of the champagne, and adds that wonderful color.

I made a Poinsettia, and simply added the finger lime pearls to the drink. What made this wonderful, besides the flavor of the pearls from the lime, was that the champagne bubbles kept the pearls moving in the glass. Sometimes, they will sink to the bottom of a drink. But this time, they not only floated, but kept moving in my cocktail.

I truly hope you try this one.


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