Four Incredibly Beautiful Desserts With Surprises Inside

These are four incredibly beautiful desserts with surprises inside. You’ll never guess what a cake can hide inside!!!


  1. Gender Reveal Cake
  2. Chocolate Espresso & Vanilla Hazelnut Surprise Cake with Chocolate Espresso Glaze
  3. Apple Piñata Cookies
  4. Easy Surprise Batman Cake

1. Gender Reveal Cake

This is probably the most unusual way to reveal the gender of the coming baby. This is actually the way the author of the recipe has decided to please her friends Jehn and Peter.

four incredibly beautiful desserts 1

Wanting to go above and beyond to make this cake special for them, I decided to do something a little different than the typical pink/blue colored cake. Only having seen this done once before, I was a bit hesitant as far as the architectural structure was concerned.  Thus, a trial cake was made on the Tuesday prior to the party.  Boxed cakes and tub frosting were the perfect quick fix to ease my concerns on the construction of the cake.  After a successful trial run, I couldn’t wait to see their reaction when they found out they were having a baby girl!

four incredibly beautiful desserts 2

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