Green Bean Soup

Easy Chinese dessert recipes such as Green Bean Soup or Mung Bean Soup are rich in vitamins, fiber and potassium. The Chinese folks also believe that these green bean Chinese dessert soups expel heat and prepare them on a hot day.

When you are buying green beans, always look for beans which are firm and fresh and green in colour. Do not select beans which have spots or blemishes. And if you have leftover of unused beans, store them in clean plastic bags and keep them in the fridge crisper.


  • 300 g green beans
  • 250 g rock sugar
  • 3 stalks pandan (screwpine) leaves; knotted
  • 1 litre water
  • 1 inch young ginger (optional)


Wash and soak green beans for 2 hours. Rinse well.

In a cooking pot, boil green beans in rapidly boiling water. Add in rock sugar, pandan leaves and ginger. Add water if insufficient while boiling and beans are not tender yet. Boil until the beans start to break apart with the skin peeling away from the beans.

Once the dessert soup is ready, turn off heat and remove pandan leaves. Wait 10 minutes for soup to cool a while before serving.

Tip: If you want the beans to cook quicker, place a clean metal spoon at the bottom of the cooking pot. The spoon acts as a heat conductor during boiling.

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