Homemade Yoghurt – Easy and Healthy

Yoghurt has always been an important part of Iranians’ meal which almost accompanies all the main dishes. It contains tons of health benefits. You may have noticed it is always much more expensive than milk. What if you could easily turn your milk into homemade natural Yoghurt without sacrificing essential elements for making it dietary, or getting extra sugar, starch, fat or artificial flavour for making it tasty, or not additive and preservative?

Yoghurt is a rich source of calcium and protein. Lowers cholesterol, contributes to colon health and boost immune system. Yoghurt is easier to digest than milk. It is loaded with vitamins. The noticeable point is that it contains “live cultures” probiotics….and lots of wonderful impacts on health. Maybe that’s why Iranians have had it on their daily menu for years and years.


  • Milk 4 lit
  • Yoghurt 3/4 – 1 cup


Pour milk into a big pot (even bigger than mine). Pot and utensils have to be fresh clean, no grease at all.

Homemade Yogurt Easy healthy

Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally (keep an eye on it, milk easily overflows when comes to the boiling point) set it aside. Let it cool down to 110ºF (43ºC). In case there is no thermometer available check temperature by your finger tip. Once you poke your finger into the boiled milk it should feel a little burn to the extend that you can stand it. If the temperature is lower than required for making yogurt it won’t set or if the temperature is higher than needed it will produce some greenish water on top of the yogurt.

Homemade Yogurt Easy healthy

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