How to use Saffron economically

Saffron is widely used in Persian, Indian, European, Arab, and Turkish cuisines. To get the optimum use and best out of saffron Iranian grind it with a cube of sugar or add a couple of teaspoon sugar and grind it.

Saffron usually comes in small packages less than 5 grams.

How to use Saffron

Place the content of the package wit 2-3 tbs of grain sugar or 2 sugar cubes in grinder and grind until it is a fine powder like flour or you can use a pound and mortar as traditionally Iranian would have used for years
(since I recall from my childhood).

How to use Saffron

Then store them is a small jar with a cap for long time use. Any time you need some, take a half teaspoon of powdered saffron, dissolve it in about 5 tablespoon of boiling water, let it sit for a couple of minutes to brew and develop best of its color and flavour. Now it’s ready. For convenience in cooking I usually prepare a big jar of Saffron in water and keep it for two weeks in the fridge.

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