Peppermint Coffee

If you love mint flavor in coffee dessert recipes, you’ll love Peppermint Coffee drink. This drink is specially flavored with chocolate mint liqueur which blends wonderfully with coffee beverages. If you are tired of usual coffee, give this coffee recipe a try. The recipe involves brewing the coffee, so you might need to use a coffee machine.


  • 1 oz chocolate mint liqueur
  • 3 tbsp finely grated dark chocolate
  • Low fat whipping cream
  • 1 glass regular coffee;
  • decaf if desired
  • 4 tbsp fresh milk


Brew your regular coffee. Stir in fresh milk before adding the chocolate mint liqueur into your glass. Top with whipping cream if desired (I am sure you would want to, dollops of it) and sprinkle generously with finely grated chocolate. Enjoy immediately!

Some tips to a good brew:

Water temperature between 198F to 202F.  Do not use distilled water or coffee will taste bitter.  Grind just before brewing.  Drink coffee fresh after brew as it tastes good about ten minutes.

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