Prunes and Walnuts Dessert

Prunes and Walnuts Dessert is far more delicious than those desserts bought in a supermarket.


  • Sour cream, 400 ml,  (20%)
  • Prunes, 200 g without pits
  • Walnuts, 100 g
  • Chocolate, 50 g
  • Sugar powder, 30 g


Water prunes and put them into bowl with boiling water. Leave them for 30-40 minutes.

Then put dry prunes. Insert a piece of walnut into each prune.

Grate chocolate.

Sieve sugar powder.

Whip cream with mixer, gradually adding sugar powder.

In dessert plate, put a tablespoon of cream, and then lay out several prunes stuffed with nuts. Sprinkle with grated chocolate.

Then repeat the layers. But now the last layer should be creamy.  Put into fridge and garnish with chocolate just before serving.


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