Red Dates Ginger Drink

Red Dates Ginger Drink is a concoction that benefits women. This special brew helps to warm up. You know, most women experience cold hands and feet. This nourishing drink will heat you up in no time. And if you have trouble sleeping, drink this after dinner and you will sleep like a baby. I can attest to that!

The drink is also known to nourish the blood.


  • 25  Chinese Red Dates; dried ones
  • 4 bowls water
  • 1 inch ginger; bruised
  • 1 bowl rock sugar


Wash dried red dates. Boil water in a pot together with the dates and ginger. Add sugar last.

After 1 hour of boiling (medium heat), use a big metal spoon to mash up the red dates so that the drink is more wellflavoured. Boil for another hour.

There is no need to add more water. The drink is ready when the water level has decreased to about 2 bowls. Best to drink hot or warm is for health benefits. Discard the dates and ginger leftovers.

This recipe makes a drink for 2 persons.

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