Revealed: 10 Steps To Building A Better Naked Cake

It seems like everywhere you look these days, wedding cakes are stripping off the frosting and going naked! Since Christina Tosi, the chef, owner, and founder of Momofuku Milk Bar, originated this style with her deliciously decadent cakes, brides everywhere have been asking bakers for this rustic-chic style.

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Image via Milk Bar

But, going naked doesn’t have to be all that scary after all! With a little planning, prep and patience you’ll be ready to confidently tackle one wedding cake trend that doesn’t seem to be going away — the naked cake.

Psst! Want to make a semi-naked cake? We have tips for that, too!

10 steps to building a better naked cake

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Image via Craftsy instructor Erica O’Brien

1. Make a plan

With traditionally finished cakes, most cake designers will bake three to four days ahead of the event to leave plenty of decorating time. Since naked cakes lack the outer layer of frosting, sealing in freshness and moisture, it’s a good idea to bake as close to the event date as possible, ideally the day before.

2. Prep your pans

Grease up those pans so they’re nice and slick! Without frosting or fondant to hide any baking imperfections, you’ll need those beauties to slide out of their pans in one piece.

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mage via Craftsy Instructor Beth Somers

3. Distribute batter evenly

This is something that most pros do already, but it’s especially important when making a naked cake. Your layers take center stage in this kind of design. Measuring batter carefully ahead of time will make your job easier when it’s time to cut and fill.

4. Measure twice, cut once

You’ve slicked up those pans, carefully filled them and baked your cakes to perfection. To keep your naked cake looking straight and beautiful, take the time to measure your cakes before cutting. Even layers don’t only look beautiful; they also add stability to your finished cake.

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Image via Great Cake Decorating

5. Take a soak

One of the biggest concerns with naked cakes is keeping the cake from drying out. To help prevent this from happening, add a cake soak. Brush on a plain simple syrup to add moisture without changing the cake’s flavor, or get creative! Adding liquors, coffee, tea and more to your cake soak will add moisture while complementing the flavors of your cake and icing.

Use a light touch when adding your cake soak. Too much can make your cake mushy or unstable. A little brush of syrup goes a long way.

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Image via Craftsy member Zahra Ali

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