Sandwiches and Sandwich Spreads

Sandwiches are the most popular snack. Translated from the German language is the “bread and butter”. They are prepared from a slice of bread with butter or specially cooked spread and with any snack product. It may be cheese, ham, sausage, fish and meat threads, caviar, vegetables, canned goods. Spreads can be used as an independent part of the sandwich.

Sandwiches are distinguished: open-faced, closed (road and sandwiches), small snacks (canapés, tartines).sandwiches and sandwich spreads 3

For all open-faced sandwiches, except for sandwiches with fat foods it is recommended to spread theslice of bread thick of 1-1.5 cm with5-10 gbutter. For all open-faced sandwiches, except for sandwiches with fat foods it is recommended to spread theslice of bread thick of 1-1.5 cm with 5-10 g butter. Without butter sandwiches are cooked with bacon, smoked bacon, smoked brisket or with fat ham.

Sandwiches with fat products, products with pungent taste (herring, sprat), as well as non-having a distinct taste (cream cheese, eggs), are prepared on rye bread. With all other types of products use wheat bread.

sandwiches and sandwich spreads 2

Closed sandwiches (sandwiches) are cooked from two slices of wheat bread. The bread is cut into strips of 5-6 cm width and about 5 mm thickness. On the strips of bread with a thin layer of butter lay thin slices of meat or fish, cover with another the same strip of bread,press it with a spatula or a knife, smoothing the surface. Strips of bread cut into square-shaped sandwiches, corresponding to match box.

For canapés wheat bread (slightly stale) or rye cut into strips of 5-6 cm width and 1cm thickness, as well as in the form of various figures-round, diamond-shaped, square and fry in oil until crisp (not dry). Instead of bread you can make sandwiches on curly puff pastry cookies. To make this, cut out various figures from a layer of puff pastry with a diameter of 5-6 cm and bake it in the oven.

sandwiches and sandwich spreads 1

Tartines are small sandwiches, too, but their feature is a hot garnish: meat, fish and other foods in hot type lay on toasted bread. Or put different products on bread, spread with butter, sprinkle top with grated cheese (or a piece of cheese) and bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes or in a microwave oven for 2-3 minutes.

A feature of sandwiches is that they are prepared for no more than 30-60 minutes before serving.

Let’s look at the cooking of various spreads, which can be use either as the main component of the sandwich (except bread), or as its basis, adding the other products at the top or bottom.

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