Secret Easy Baked Chicken which You Will Do Over and Over Again

Very often we fail to cook tasty and tender chicken even if we strictly follow the directions of the recipe. In fact, there is a little secret to make it like what you have tested in high class restaurants. This time, you dont need to go out with your beloved husband and kids to have delicious baked chicken since you can do it in your own house.

The little secret is actually the method how you make chicken tender. It doesnt matter if you use breast. It is up to you. The only thing that you have to do is the process before putting it into the oven for baking.

First of all, take the same amount of salt and pepper. They are used to rub and at the same time season the chicken that you would like to bake. Actually, you can add any other spices that you prefer. But, it is highly recommended that you dont do seasoning with too many ingredients.

When you have rubbed the whole parts of the chicken, it is time to cover it up with paper. What kind of paper is it? Any kind of paper. It must be thin. The function of the paper is that it acts as if the chicken still has the skin. The paper will give protection to the chicken while it is baked in the oven. As the result, it will not be drained out. So, you will have very delicious and tender chicken for your special dinner with family members.

Now, you can practice the secret. 😉

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